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Published writer, jazz musician, investor and bon vivant, David combines a broad education in the classics, and experience in business and the arts to bring you in-depth essays that focus on political economy.

“Income and Wealth”​

Waterside Productions (2021) – Author “David Parker Essays”

Testimonial: A Fascinating, Well-Researched Read — Offering the Solution to Our Current Troubled Economy!

“At a time when so many Americans are feeling the pain of our troubled economy, “Income and Wealth” by David Parker offers reason for hope and optimism. The author is a lifelong teacher, as the book is scholarly and well-documented in its advocacy of free market economics. Parker’s book has encouraged me to reassess my own financial habits — and my tendency to look to the government for solutions. I only wish I had read “Income and Wealth” 20 or 30 years ago! Do yourself a favor and read it now!” – Tom Martin