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“Rome 476: David Parker Essays”

(2022) – Author “David Parker Essays”

New Essays Celebrating the Wisdom of the Past 2,500 Years
The Latest Writing from Educator/Entrepreneur/Musician David Parker

As widespread concern regarding the global COVID-19 pandemic has finally subsided, other challenges here and around the world still provoke anxiety – and undermine the sense of certainty that Americans wish for. Fortunately, a new book by San Francisco based author, educator and entrepreneur David Parker offers the reassuring message from a deeper understanding – namely, that our problems are not new.

The very title of Parker’s new collection of essays, Rome 476 (Waterside Productions – October 2023) is intended to inspire readers to return to a study of history. He awakens our short attention spans with powerful events in world history – for example, the fall of Western civilization in 476, when the Roman army refused to stop the invading Huns. Those soldiers stood by as Rome and its Colosseum were destroyed. Why? They hadn’t been paid. Why? All tax revenue went to service interest on the debt. Sound familiar? In the opening pages of the book, Parker writes, “Romefell in 476, with it Western civilization, civil rights, scientific and technological progress. Followed by the Dark Ages. One Thousand years.”